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Obtaining a Utah State Contractor's License

Trade Exams for a Utah State Contractor's License - Call 801.467.1900

Q: What is a general contractor?

A: A general contractor is responsible for the overall coordination of a project. They are responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction project.

Q: Why does the State of Utah require that I obtain a Utah Contractor's License for plumbing, electrical, or inspecting?

A: The Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (D.O.P.L.) is the state agency that controls and regulates state licensing. D.O.P.L. requires a Utah Contractor's License for electricians, plumbers, inspectors and all other licensed occupations to protect the general public from fraud, misrepresentation, and safety issues for a Utah contractor's license.

Q: Which Utah contractor's license classifications should I apply for?

A: There are over 50 Utah contractor's license classifications you may apply for. You need to decide which classification is right for you depending on what you have at least 2 years of W-2'ed experience in. Give us a call and, we can help you determine which Utah contractor license is best suited to your experience.

Q: What are the experience requirements for each Utah contractor license, according to the Utah Contractor's Board?

A: E100-General Engineering, B100-General Building, R100-Residential & Small Commercial Building:
    A minimum of 2 years full-time experience working for a licensed contractor is required, one of which needs to be in a supervisory or management position.
S220-Carpentry, S280-Roofing, S290-Masonry, S320-Steel Erection, S350-HVAC, S360-Refrigeration, S370-Fire Suppression Systems:
    A minimum of two years of full-time experience is required.
The experience must be verified on the Affidavit of Experience form provided by D.O.P.L. with an employer's signature.

Q: What testing is required to obtain a Utah Contractor's License? According to the Utah Contractor's Board, the following testing is required for all Utah Contractor's Licenses.

A: All applicants applying for a Utah Contractor's License are required to take the Utah Business and Law exam. The Business and Law exam consists of 60 questions. The test covers state and federal laws, accounting procedures, construction trade licensing acts, taxes, mechanic lien laws, OSHA requirements, risk management and other general business law questions. All of this is covered in the Contractor's School, Inc. study material that we offer through our contractor's state license school.

Trade Exams

Most Utah contractor's license classifications also require a trade exam. Trade exams range from 30 to 100 questions. The trade exams include questions on bidding, estimating, job scheduling, code questions and trade material. Contractor's School, Inc. has study material specific to each trade and a helpful three-step licensing process guaranteed to help you on your way to obtaining a license.

Follow-Up Questions About Starting Your Own Contractor Business

Questions regarding obtaining a Utah contractor's license? Contact our contractors' state license school at or at (801)467.1900.