Pre-Licensing 25 Hour Course

The state of Utah has added a new requirement for new license applicants. A 25 hour pre-license course must be completed prior to submitting an application for licensure.

We provide accommodations to complete your 25-hour pre-licensing course through a trusted partner*. This class introduces Contractors to various accounting processes, basic business practices, and general management skills.  Keep in mind this course was not designed to prepare contractors for the trade exam or address technical trade specific skills.

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* Test preparation offered through third party.  

Helpful links regarding new Contractor Licensing un Utah: (Main Licensing Page for Contractors) (Contractor Application Form)


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Recent changes in licensing rules are something to get excited about. All existing contractors are now able to upgrade their current license to any license classification, excluding electrical and plumbing. That's right, generals are included; however, passing the necessary trade exams are still required. This licensing rule change may not be permanent, take advantage of the opportunity while it lasts. NOW is the time to upgrade!

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