Contractor License Classifications

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General Engineering License:

  • E-100 General Engineering Contractor

General Building Contractor License Classifications:

  • B-100 General Building Contractor
  • R-100 Residential & Small Commercial Contractor
  • R-101 Non structural Remodeling & Repair
  • R-200 Factory Built Housing Setup Contractor

Specialty Contractor License Classifications:

  • S-200 General Electrical Contractor
  • S-201 Residential Electrical Contractor
  • S-210 General Plumbing Contractor
  • S-211 Boiler Installation Contractor
  • S-212 Irrigation Sprinkling Contractor
  • S-213 Industrial Piping Contractor
  • S-214 Water Conditioning Equipment Contractor
  • S-215 Solar Energy Systems Contractor
  • S-216 Residential Sewer Connection & Septic Tank Contractor
  • S-217 Residential Plumbing Contractor
  • S-220 Carpentry Contractor
  • S-221 Cabinet & Millwork Installation Contractor
  • S-230 Metal & Vinyl Siding Contractor
  • S-231 Rain gutter Installation Contractor
  • S-240 Glass & Glazing Contractor
  • S-250 Insulation Contractor
  • S-260 General Concrete Contractor
  • S-261 Concrete Form Setting & Shoring Contractor
  • S-262 Gunite & Pressure Grouting Contractor
  • S-270 General Drywall, Stucco & Plastering Contractor
  • S-271 Plastering & Stucco Contractor
  • S-272 Ceiling Grid Systems, Ceiling Tile & Panel Systems Contractor
  • S-273 Lightweight Metal & Nonbearing Wall Partitions Contractor
  • S-280 General Roofing Contractor
  • S-281 Single Ply & Specialty Coating Contractor
  • S-282 Buildup Roofing Contractor
  • S-283 Shingle & Shake Roofing Contractor
  • S-284 Tile Roofing Contractor
  • S-285 Metal Roofing Contractor
  • S-290 General Masonry Contractor
  • S-291 Stone Masonry Contractor
  • S-292 Terrazzo Contractor
  • S-293 Marble, Tile & Ceramic Contractor
  • S-300 General Painting Contractor
  • S-310 Excavation & Grading Contractor
  • S-320 Steel Erection Contractor
  • S-321 Steel Reinforcing Contractor
  • S-322 Metal Building Erection
  • S-323 Structural Stud Erection Contractor
  • S-330 Landscaping Contractor
  • S-340 Sheet Metal Contractor
  • S-350 HVAC Contractor
  • S-351 Refrigerated Air Conditioning contractor
  • S-352 Evaporative Cooling Contractor
  • S-353 Warm Air Heating Contractor
  • S-360 Refrigeration Contractor
  • S-370 Fire Suppression Systems Contractor
  • S-380 Swimming Pool & Spa Contractor
  • S-390 Sewer & Water Pipeline Contractor
  • S-400 Asphalt Paving Contractor
  • S-410 Pipeline & Conduit Contractor
  • S-420 General Fencing & Guardrail Contractor
  • S-421 Residential Fencing Contractor
  • S-430 Metal Firebox & Fuel Burning Stove Installer
  • S-440 Sign Installation Contractor
  • S-441 Non-electrical Outdoor Advertising Sign Contractor
  • S-450 Mechanical Insulation Contractor
  • S-460 Wrecking and Demolition Contractor
  • S-470 Petroleum System Contractor
  • S-480 Piers and Foundations Contractor

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