Registered Agent Services for Utah Business Registration

Registered agent services allow you to have someone on your side dealing with your Utah business registration. Our professional registered agent service team will help you with yearly updates and registration renewal in Utah. We are a registered agent service that will act as your registered agent and will remind you of your yearly registration renewal in Utah when it is due. If you move or change your Utah business registration location we will make the necessary changes with the Department of Commerce to update your business address. Our registered agent service also gives you an opportunity to be able to conduct business in Utah if you do not have a physical location in the state. We will be your agent for process of service with any subpoenas or judgments that might be served to your company. Registered agent services are an extremely valuable service that let you focus on your business and what matters to the company while we handle the rest.

For more information on our registered agent services for your Utah business registration, call us at 801.467.1900. If you're interested in becoming a contractor in Utah, get your license now!


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