New DOPL Subcontractor License Rules

  • No Experience Required

  • No Exam Required

  • 20-Hour Pre-License Course - call to register

Changes in Utah licensing regulations have allowed subcontractors to get licensed without taking an examination and you no longer have to prove experience through W2s.  All you need to do to get started is take the 20-hour pre-license course, contact us to register today.

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From Utah DOPL:

EFFECTIVE MAY 9, 2017, the only Utah Contractor classifications with trade/business licensing exam and experience requirements are:

  • E-100 General Engineering Qualifier
  • B-100 General Building Qualifier
  • R-100 Residential/Small Commercial Qualifiero NO CHANGES to Electrician and Plumber classifications - all journeyman and master levels still require experience and multiple trade exams.o NO CHANGES to S-510 Elevator classification - must be a licensed elevator mechanic, and pass the Utah Elevator Mechanic Examination.Note:
  •   An approved 20-hour pre-licensure course is still required for all contractors (increasing to a 25-hour course on 11/30/2017).
  •   Certifications are still required for S-202 Solar Photovoltaic and S-354 Radon Mitigation classifications (but no Utah trade exam or Business and Law exam).


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