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What do you picture when you hear the word “contractor”? We bet that you’ll picture a specific type of person, probably wearing a hard hat and holding a measuring tape. The reality is, the variety in the world of contracting is vast! While our work may cover many different sectors,

What’s a day in the life of a contractor like?

We’re Early Risers

We get up, fix a cup of coffee, and start to plan out our day. We’re answering emails and organizing our paperwork. Many of us have families, and we make time to snag breakfast together before running out the door, sometimes along with the sunrise.

We Love (and Need) to Stay Organized

Contractors usually hire many subcontractors to help on jobs and projects. We’re organizing teams, hiring staff, managing bids and keeping track of what needs to be done, and what we’ve accomplished. You may want to break out the color-coded sticky notes for this job.

We’re on the Road… A Lot

Our work comes from our own bids, so, naturally, we’re filing a lot of bids. To accomplish this, we drive around and look at projects, meet to go over pricing materials, visit sites we’re currently working at, and swing by the local building supply store to pick up last minute supplies. Think you’re done driving? Not yet.

We run back to the office, make some calls, drive past the job site and yell at our crews to get back to work, and make a quick stop by building supply store, again, for one more supply run.

We’re Big Fans of Lunch

We’re in meetings often. And what makes a meeting better? Food, every time! We’re often grabbing lunch with vendors to review pricing materials, or with potential subcontractors or our current crews.

We’re Excited for the Next Day of Work

We love to support our communities. At the end of the day, our teams can achieve a lot of good for the people and businesses around us. We’re motivated by the change we can make, the careers we build and the people we serve.

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