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Georgia Contractor License Renewal

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Continuing Education Requirements in Georgia

If you’re a contractor or would-be contractor in the state of Georgia, knowing what’s required of you in terms of continuing education is very important. Each US state has differing requirements, and contractors within them must keep abreast of this information to ensure they’re in compliance.

At quickED/Contractors School, we’re proud to offer a number of services to assist Georgia contractors with continuing education, including helping them understand precisely what’s required of them in this area — and many others. Here’s a basic primer on everything that’s required of contractors in Georgia.

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The Georgie State Licensing Board requires that most major contractors in Georgia obtain Continuing Education hours to maintain their licenses. Such hours can typically be completed either in a live classroom or via various webinar or remote programs.

Residential Basic Contractors

For the lowest tier of contractor in Georgia, which is the Licensed Residential Basic Contractor, the state requires three hours of continuing education each year. This will actually total up to six hours, as it’s three hours each for each year in the renewal cycle. Georgia’s “year” runs July 1st to June 30th.  

The annual deadline for this continuing education renewal is June 30th of even-numbered years across the entire state. If the contractor’s license expires before this date, there will be penalties — we’ll go over these in just a bit.

Residential Light Commercial Contractors

The next tier up in contractor terminology within Georgia is the Residential Light Commercial Contractor, who performs any work or activity that the Basic contractor would — plus any additional work related to multifamily or multiuse light commercial buildings, structures and their accessories. Because this role involves greater responsibilities, the need for continuing education is also larger.

Georgia requires six hours of continuing education for Residential Light Commercial Contractors each year. Once again, because this is two years’ worth of six hours apiece within the cycle, it will amount to 12 total hours. And once again, just like for Basic Residential Contractors, the deadline for these hours is June 30th of even-numbered years.


If these requirements are not met, here are the resulting actions that will be taken:

  • First 6 months: If there is a failure to meet continuing education hours between June 30 and December 31 of the renewal period, a penalty fee — as set by the State Board — will be applied.
  • Past 6 months: However, if this failure persists past December 31st of the renewal period, it will have the same effect as revocation of said license. Reinstatement will then be at the discretion of the Board, which may require a completed licensure application and a new set of fees paid for reinstatement. This may also require passing a new examination.

For more on the requirements for continuing contractor education in Georgia, or to learn about any of the resources we offer to contractors in this area, speak to the team at quickED/Contractors School today.