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Considering Wearable Technology as a Contractor

Technology has changed or impacted so many areas of our world, and contracting is no exception. There are a variety of tech-related items that may benefit contractors on a regular basis, and one newer realm here that’s gaining popularity within recent years is that of various wearable forms of tech.

At Contractors School, we’re here to help with every element of your contracting business, from getting set up and completing your DOPL application to running your business long-term. We encourage contractors to research and utilize any kind of tool or resource that may assist them on the job, including any kind of technology that’s worth the while. Here are a few of the most common forms of this technology that many contractors are looking into.

Health Monitors

Whether we’re talking about an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or any other kind of device on the market, there is an ever-expanding range of health monitors that can help a contractor stay healthy and safe on the job. These devices will alert users when their heart rate goes too high, remind them to take breaks throughout their day, and even monitor oxygen levels in more specialized versions.

For contractors, these devices provide a great way to monitor their health while they’re on the job. Whether they’re doing physically strenuous work or simply working long hours, these devices can be invaluable in ensuring that contractors stay safe and healthy at all times.

Emergency Communication Devices

For certain jobsites, cell phones will not get a signal. In these cases, contractors need to have the right communication devices in order to stay safe and alert in case of an emergency. Devices like the Spot Gen 3 or the Garmin inReach Explorer+ are two popular options for remote jobsites that don’t have cell phone reception.

These devices are great for being able to communicate with the outside world in case of an emergency, while also being able to provide GPS tracking in order to get help if needed.

Safety Alerts

There are other wearable forms of technology that are actually made to help contractors or other on-site workers detect hazardous conditions. These devices are equipped with sensors that detect gas, heat, and other potential dangers, alerting the user to evacuate or make necessary adjustments in order to stay safe.

Whether it’s checking for methane gas levels on an oil rig, or ensuring that electricians don’t come near high-voltage wires while working around them, these safety alert devices are a great way to protect contractors from potential harm.

So, whether it’s health monitors, emergency communication devices, or safety alerts, wearable technology is becoming increasingly important for contractors in order to stay safe and efficient on the job.

Here at Contractors School, we’re here to support contractors however we can. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our course or services!


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