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How Can You Build a Team that Lasts?

You may have the perfect vision, clear processes and a strong client base, but your small business relies on a solid team.

Without reliable employees, who trust each other and have a clear sense of the business’ mission, even the best business can’t succeed. At Contractor’s School, our tight-knit team is the reason we’ve been licensing since 1995. How can you build a team that lasts?

Personal connection

Our employees have a background in the construction industry — we understand construction, and what it takes to operate the business on top of doing the work. We put our energy into doing the paperwork and licensing side of contracting, so our clients can invest their time into the construction work and running their business.

We know the value of the work that we dedicate our time and energy to every day. Our employees have been in our clients’ shoes, and we apply those experiences and passions to every small business and client we help.

Experience – and willingness to get more of it

There are two kinds of employees you want to attract: experts in their field, and those who are committed to getting there. Our management team has over 20 years of experience, some garnered across other businesses in the industry, and some earned right here at Contractor’s School. A mix of seasoned professionals and up and coming employees can help to keep the entire team constantly challenged. Everyone has something to learn!

Applying this strategy pushes the team to pursue greater goals, which means nothing but growth for your business.

Common values

At Contractor’s School, we offer friendly and personalized services for every stage of your business, all in one place. We place a heavy emphasis on our personal interactions with clients. With us, you’ll dodge the 1-800 phone calls, voicemails and for-profit motivation. Everyone on our team subscribes to these values and applies them to every action we take.

Our mutual vision ties us to our work, and keeps us going. Anyone you add to your team should mesh with your overarching goals, and help to work toward them.

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