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Why Clients Care About Contractor Licenses

There are a few things that virtually all clients will be looking for with any contractor they hire, and full licensure is at or near the top of any such list. Why do clients care so much about having a licensed contractor perform work for them. and why should this be a simple necessity for any contractor?

At Contractors School, we offer numerous resources to contractors and would-be contractors around Utah, including things like pre-license courses, continuing education and more to ensure that you’re always fully licensed and up to speed on industry trends. And while there are numerous individual and legal reasons why being licensed as a contractor should be important to you, here are some of the key client-facing reasons why proper licensure is so vital.

Proving Requisite Skill

Naturally, as you may have already guessed, one of the chief reasons for licensure is to prove that you have the requisite skill and knowledge to be a contractor in your field. This helps clients know that they are picking an experienced professional who will do a good job.

For instance, if a client is looking for a contractor to do some electrical work, they will want someone with the proper licensing that shows that the contractor has taken and passed all of the necessary tests and is authorized to do such work. There would be no reason for them to ever consider an unlicensed contractor.

Legal Protection

Having a proper license also provides legal protection for the client and even the contractor in some cases. Without the proper licensing, any contractors that are hired might not be covered by their insurance or may not be eligible to carry out certain types of work due to city regulations or other laws governing such work.

If something were to go wrong and the contractor had no valid license, the client would be left with no legal recourse. With a fully licensed contractor, however, there will likely be some form of insurance or other legal protection that offers peace of mind to the client.

Understands Local Laws and Codes

Down related but slightly different lines, licensed contractors often have a better understanding of local laws and codes related to their field. This can be especially important if, for instance, the contractor is doing work that could potentially affect the safety or health of others, such as repairing gas pipes or installing a new fire alarm system.

In such cases, it’s critical that everything is done by the book and that local codes are adhered to. Licensed contractors should already have a good understanding of these laws and know what needs to be done in order for the job to be done correctly, safely and legally.

Generally Carries a Better Reputation

While this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with legal obligations, clients often have a better opinion of contractors that are properly licensed. This is because licensure is seen as a sign of professionalism and commitment to the craft, which can make clients more comfortable in working with you and trusting you to get the job done right.

Think about it – if you were a client looking for a contractor, would you rather hire an unlicensed one or someone who is properly licensed and certified in their field? The answer should be obvious.

Kinds of License Information to Present to Clients

Clients may have questions in a few areas when it comes to your contracting license. Here are a few pieces of information you should have ready:

  • Whether you’re licensed: Firstly, it’s important to show that you are properly licensed. You should have all of your license information ready to present in an easy-to-find format or a physical copy available if needed.
  • The type of license: It’s also important to show what type of license you hold and what areas it covers. For instance, some contractors may be licensed only for residential work, while others may be licensed for commercial and industrial too.
  • The license expiration date: Finally, you should provide the expiration date of your license so that clients can rest assured that it is still valid and up-to-date.

By ensuring you have all of this information readily available to present to potential clients, they can make an informed decision about working with you and trust that their project is in the hands of a qualified professional.

At the end of the day, having a valid license is essential for any contractor to be taken seriously by potential clients. It’s also important for legal protection, understanding local laws and codes, and generally creating a better reputation among clients.

At Contractors School, we understand the importance of getting your license and staying up-to-date with it. We offer a wide range of courses to help you get and maintain your licensing, so you can start taking on clients with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our contractor services and resources around Utah.


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