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Writing Tips for Contractors and Their Businesses

There are a few important parts of running a contracting business that are found outside the actual labor itself, and writing is a great example. Whether we’re talking about writing proposals, emailing with clients or filling a supplier in on product needs, contractors need to be able to write clearly and concisely to properly convey facts while also not wasting anyone’s time.

At Contractors School, we proudly assist contractors around Utah with all their needs, including numerous areas of managing their contracting business. Let’s go over the many different circumstances where basic writing skills are valuable for contractors running a business, plus some general tips on how to optimize your business in this area.

Settings Where Writing Skills Benefit Contractors

There are several different circumstances in which contractors who have solid writing skills stand to benefit from them. These include:

  • Writing proposals: One of the most common settings where writing skills come in handy is when it comes to preparing proposals for clients. Being able to present yourself and your services clearly and concisely can be the difference between getting or not getting a job.
  • Email conversations: Communicating with clients via email may seem like an easy task, but writing skillful emails that get your point across without creating confusion is something that many contractors struggle with.
  • Supplier interactions: When it comes to getting products from suppliers, having good writing skills can help you present your needs clearly and accurately so that you get what you want in a timely fashion.
  • Regulatory or licensure bodies: Some contractors need to be in contact with regulatory bodies or licensure organizations for various purposes. In these cases, having solid writing skills can help ensure that your paperwork is up to par and won’t lead to delays.

Our next several sections will go over some basic tips to maintain quality writing across all these areas and more.

Keep Yourself Organized

One of the broadest yet most important tips we can give you is to stay organized. This means having a method for keeping track of deadlines, client conversations, and supplier needs.

Staying organized also includes knowing when and how to use different written formats such as emails, letters, proposals, and more. Having a system in place for staying organized can help you stay on top of your writing needs without spending too much time on them.

Stay Simple

While some good writing skills are important for contractors, no one is saying you need to be a novelist. Keeping your writing simple and to the point can be just as valuable, since it prevents confusion and ensures that both you and the other party know exactly what is being said.

Having an easy-to-understand writing style helps keep things clear, which is especially important when communicating with clients or suppliers.

Proofread Your Writing

While proofreading isn’t a particularly fun task, it is one that can help you immensely with your business. Taking the time to go over emails, proposals or other written documents before sending them off helps make sure there are no mistakes or typos in your writing.

Proofreading also ensures that everything looks professional and put together, which will only benefit you and your contracting business.

Breaking Up Text

In cases where you’re writing longer documents such as proposals or contracts, it’s important to break up the text for readability. This can mean adding paragraphs, headings and bullet points so that readers don’t feel overwhelmed when looking at the document.

Additionally, adding images and diagrams where relevant can help make the document easier to understand and more pleasant to look at. This is especially important when you’re dealing with clients, since they may have a limited understanding of what it is exactly that you do.

Highlighting Key Elements

If certain elements of your document are particularly important, you can highlight them to make sure they stand out to the reader. This could mean bolding text or using a different font color for certain words or phrases, depending on the situation and context.

This is especially useful when dealing with contracts, as it helps both parties be aware of any specific elements that should be paid attention to in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings when it comes time to sign on the dotted line.

With the right basic writing skills and a little bit of practice, contractors can make sure that all their written communication goes off without a hitch. Taking the time to become proficient with basic writing is one of the most important aspects of running an efficient contracting business.

If you’re a Utah contractor looking for help with running any part of your business, including areas like these, don’t hesitate to contact us at Contractors School. We’re here to help!


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