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3 Benefits to Upgrading Your Contracting License

If you were looking for a sign to upgrade, this is it!

Moving up from your sub-contracting license to a general contracting license is easy with Contractor’s School. And, the benefits are invaluable!

Increased Scope of Work

Upgrading your license means upgrading your work. A general contractor can hire subcontractors and other employees, oversee labor and materials, take on more responsibilities and bigger projects.

Acquiring Permits

Permit acquisition is a big part of contracting. You can’t build and work if you can’t get on the land! The permit world is finicky and often tricky to navigate.

Some cities require a general contractor license associated with a job before they will issue a work permit. Upgrading your license can make this process so much easier, and get you to work faster.

You’ve Already Started!

If you’ve been working with a subcontracting license, you’re probably already on your way to an upgrade.

As of May 14, 2019, no trade exam is required! Your upgrade also doesn’t require any additional continuing education, nor extra renewal fees.

2 years of work experience is required, but you’re allowed to self-certify the experience. And, the state of Utah now accepts more forms of proof of experience, including 1099s, Handyman, W-2’s, K-1’s and working under a licensed contractor. This experience can come from any time frame!

With Contractor’s School, you can add this new classification to your existing license faster and easier than ever. Level up!

Ready to upgrade? Register for our 25/30 Hour courses and get more info about the requirements here.


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