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Home Study Tips for Utah Contractor Licensure

While some think of study habits and study space as themes that only apply to those in traditional forms of schooling, this really isn’t the case at all. Studying or continued education themes are important for people in numerous fields, including those looking to become licensed as a contractor.

At Contractors School, we’re happy to help prospective contractors throughout Utah with contractor courses and other resources to help them obtain their contracting license, plus with continuing education programs to maintain and further these themes. We offer many tips to those studying for any part of their education — and your home study habits and spaces are important themes to keep in mind here. Here are some basics on productive, effective home study habits for any aspiring or current contractor.

Comfortable, Supportive Seating

You may not think your seating setup has much to do with your ability to study, but if you’re sitting on an uncomfortable chair for hours at a time it can considerably detract from your ability to focus and accomplish. Put some thought into choosing a comfortable and supportive place to sit that also offers a full range of movement so that you can move around as needed.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to purchase some kind of specialty ergonomic seating, but it does mean considering things like lumbar support and avoiding chairs that are going to cause you pain after extended periods of time.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is another seemingly small element that can make a big difference in your ability to focus while studying at home. Many people find natural light to be the most conducive for reading and studying, so if that’s an option for your home consider arranging your study space so that you can take advantage of being near a window with natural light.

If this isn’t possible, choose the best artificial lighting in your home to give you adequate illumination without making it too bright or creating harsh shadows.

Consider Headphones

Audible distractions are likely to be a problem when trying to study at home. If you live with other people or have things that make noise, like pets and children, consider using headphones so that only you hear what’s going on around you while you’re focusing on your studies.

This can help remove any potential sources of distraction and even help keep ambient noise down in general so you can focus better. There are a few headphone types you might consider:

  • Ear buds: In-ear headphones that can be good for blocking out noise while still allowing you to hear things happening around you if needed
  • Noise-cancelling headphones: Over-the-ear headphones that do a better job of completely blocking out noise
  • Wireless headphones: Can be helpful if you need to move around while studying or don’t want to be tethered to a device

Keeping Yourself Organized

Studying for contractor licensure is often just one of several demands on your time, and if you don’t keep things organized it can be easy to lose track of assignments and deadlines. Consider using a planner or calendar app on your phone or computer that allows you to log in your upcoming requirements, including contractor courses, plus exams and the date they’re due.

It’s also helpful to have a central location for all of the materials you’ll need, such as a folder or binder where you can keep your contractor course books and handouts. This way everything is in one place when you need it.

Lean on Technology

Today’s modern technology offers a lot of assistance to those studying for their contractor license, and it’s often worth taking advantage of what’s available. For example, e-books can help you keep track of your place while reading articles or chapters in a digital format that offers the ability to click on links and bookmark pages.

Virtual flashcards are another great tool that can help you study more effectively and efficiently. Apps like Quizlet offer the ability to create digital flashcards on your phone or computer that you can access anywhere, making it easy to study for your contractor license even when you don’t have physical flashcards with you.

Set a Schedule… and Stick to It

It can be tempting to just try to fit studying in when you have the time, but this often leads to frustration and a feeling of never getting anything done. Instead, set a schedule for yourself and make sure you stick to it as much as possible.

This doesn’t mean you need to study for hours on end every day, but rather that you should set specific days and times when you’ll dedicate a set amount of time to contractor course work. Try to make this a routine where you can establish good study habits, and remember that you’re more likely to keep it up if you’ve already started out by sticking with it for a few weeks in the beginning of your training.

At the very least, aim to review materials daily so you don’t lose track of what you’ve already covered.

Utilize Friends or Family

For some, studying can be easier when they have a partner to keep them company and help out. If you’re lucky enough to know or be related to someone in your industry, you might consider asking for their help with material that’s difficult for you.

Having another person around is also helpful if you get stuck on something and need a little more time than you might have if you were studying alone. For example, some people are more likely to ask a friend or family member for help when building decks than they would be to call the contractor who installed their stairs years ago and ask for advice directly.

Whether it’s a friend, relative, or fellow classmate, having someone around can help with learning how to study for your contractor license and keeping you on track.

For more on good home study habits for your contractor licensure studies, or to learn about any of our continuing education programs or other contractor resources in Utah, contact the pros at Contractors School today.


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