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Importance of Paid Leave for Contracting Businesses

If you’re the owner of any contracting business, whether large or small, the comfort and happiness of your employees will naturally be very important. One factor that’s often vital to many employees is paid leave, which you should consider closely as you formulate your business plan.

At Contractors School, we’re happy to help clients not only obtain their contractor’s license and maintain their education, but also start and develop their own contracting business. What are some of the reasons you should strongly consider applying at least some level of paid leave into your employee programs? Here are several.

Employees and Flexibility

Employee flexibility is important across many industries, and especially so in a field like contracting. Employees need to be flexible for many reasons, including the nature of the work they’re doing. For example, suppose your business is onsite at a location where conditions are unpredictable. In that case, you need to ensure you have enough employees to keep things running smoothly, even when some employees have to leave due to illness or injury.

This theme extends to paid leave. Your employees need to know they will be protected in case they get sick or in cases where they have to use designated paid leave days due to conflicts or emergencies that come up. These employees will appreciate your efforts to ensure they can maintain healthy work/life balances and not feel like they can’t take time off if they need it.

Attract the Best Employees

Paid leave is also necessary because it helps you attract top candidates for contracting jobs. The more flexible your workforce appears to be, the more competitive you are in getting the right people to do jobs, and the more appealing your business might look overall.

This is especially true if you are looking to attract employees with families, where parents may have special needs around time off due to their children’s school or medical schedules. Even if they don’t have kids currently, there’s always a chance that will change, and they’ll want to know you’re committed to supporting them in their personal life goals.

Organizational Health

When all your employees feel comfortable using paid leave for any reason whatsoever, the result is a healthier overall workplace. Sick employees don’t have to delay getting treatment until after work hours because they can’t afford to lose pay and will instead go for care when needed. This helps contain the spread of any potential contagious illnesses in your office, including the current COVID-19 pandemic.

For more on why paid leave is often highly beneficial to offer as the owner of a contracting business, or to learn about any of our services for contracting licenses or other existing contracting company solutions, speak to the staff at Contractors School today.


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