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Scared to Start Making Changes? Here’s 4 Tips for Jumping In

We get it. Starting a new business venture, or continuing with your current one, can be scary. Our mission is to help establish contractors to build the future. With these four tips, you can feel comfortable obtaining and maintaining your Utah contractor’s license, and helping your business grow.

Focus on Building Your Skills

One of the most difficult parts of becoming a contractor is just getting started. With Contractor’s School, you can get licensed, upgrade your license and manage your business easier than ever.

Aren’t licensed yet? We offer 25/30 hour pre-licensure courses, math tutorial materials for home study and exam scheduling and advice!

Looking to upgrade your license? Learn how to secure a new classification, widen the scope of your work, increase your credibility (and profitability) and more. Any existing 2-year licensee in Utah can now upgrade their license without taking a test, and we can help you do it.

Taking your business to the next level? We don’t just do contractor licensing and classes: we can help you manage your employees, change business entity types and more.

Prioritize Your Time

No matter your construction business type, time is always in high demand. Especially if you’re looking to start out for the first time, or revamp your business, finding that perfect balance of work and relaxation can be hard. How are you supposed to get everything done when your list never really ends? The answer is easier said than done: prioritize.

If you’re a start-up, we offer help consulting with a CPA to ensure that you’re maximizing tax savings. With us, preparing and filing your Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization is also a breeze. Delegating the right tasks and outsourcing parts of your business can save you time, money and help your construction business run more efficiently.

If you’re an existing company, we want to help you manage your qualifier, update your business entity, upgrade your license, add a business name and more. Even if you’re business has taken off, the pressure is probably still on. It can be hard to step back and let others assist in lifting your business up.

Streamline Your Processes

Our next step at Contractor’s School is supporting business growth through our company, Integrated Solutions. Tackle all of your business, health and insurance needs, and simplify your business working methods. Get more done, faster, with our Business Architects.

Meet with Your Team!

This might seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook. Take time to talk to your team about the mission of the company and get buy-in. You have the best chance of committed team members (and, ultimately, a successful business) when your team feels as strongly about the mission of your company as you do. Make sure you’re on the right track with what you started out wanting to do, and that your staff agrees.

With Contractor’s School, you can feel confident about your construction business processes and your ability to lead or work in your company. Get off the ground, or expand your reach with these four tips. Need help implementing them? Contact us to get specific help with your business.


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