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With Halloween around the corner, we’ve been thinking a lot about getting spooked. Over the years that we’ve been in existence, Contractor’s School has seen a lot of scary construction practices, and common missteps made by new and old contractors alike. In honor of the spookiest holiday, we’ve compiled our list of the top four scariest (and preventable) contracting practices. Have you made any of these missteps?

1. Not Making Safety the First Priority

In construction, a safe working environment is of utmost importance. Even though a lot of contractors know this, they often delay the planning piece — getting the proper insurance. Whether you own your own small business or you’re working for a contracting company, you have a lot to protect. Waiting to get insurance can expose your property, business license, personal health, and more to unnecessary risks. Through our partner company Integrated Solutions, we offer liability insurance, workers compensation Insurance, vehicle and equipment insurance, and other protection options.

2. Filing Paperwork Incorrectly

This is a big one! We often see contractors fill out their DOPL application

incorrectly, which can cause delays on your license, and slow down your career path.

Trust us, you’ll want to get this right the first time – and fast. And good news, we know our way around the tricky applications and all the paperwork involved in becoming and working as a contractor. Don’t play guessing games! Let our experts check it off your list.

3. Not Staying up to Date on Rules/Regulations

Many rules about licenses, hiring, exams, and business operations are subject to the state legislatures decisions. For example, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, The course requirements were changed and license requirements adapted. Now, the state of Utah has ruled in favor of out-of-state contractors, who can now get their license in Utah much easier than before.

Not following the updates, and keeping track of everything in the Contracting world may lead you to miss out on opportunities, or leave you vulnerable to new regulations you weren’t aware of.

4. Waiting to get started!

What’s the scariest thing we can imagine? Putting off your dream!

We’re a one-stop-shop for all things contracting: obtain and maintain your license, get in contact with insurance experts, CPAs, and more to keep your business running smoothly. If you’ve been thinking about starting your career – or taking it to the next level – NOW is always the time!

Get started with us (and avoid all the spooky pitfalls) here.


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