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Tips for Maintaining an Inclusive Contracting Business

Themes like inclusivity and broad forms of recruitment have become increasingly important in the business world over the last several years, and the contracting realm is no exception. Being inclusive in your recruitment and hiring practices is important for moral reasons, of course, but also for practical ones — especially in a period like the last 18 months, where labor shortages are common in many contracting areas and you want to see the most diverse range of applicants possible.

At Contractors School, we’re happy to assist our clients with numerous parts of this world, from getting their contractor’s license to continuing education and maintenance of their existing contracting business. Here are some tips we can offer on keeping your hiring practices inclusive and open, both for moral reasons and to ensure you’re evaluating the widest possible swath of quality candidates for roles on your team.

Identify Your Own Biases

While we’d all like to think we don’t have any biases, the reality is that we all do. The first step in broadening your recruitment scope is recognizing your personal biases and accounting for them as much as possible.

For example, if you know you are biased against hiring women for certain roles, try to make sure you’re accounting for that when reviewing resumes or interviewing candidates. Look to read and learn more about people’s perspectives in marginalized groups, and try to keep an open mind when meeting new candidates.

Use Inclusive Language in Job Listings

When posting job listings, use language inclusive to all potential candidates. Avoid terms like “males only” or “female applicants only.”

Instead, try phrases like “all genders welcome” or “candidates of all backgrounds encouraged.” This will help attract a more diverse range of candidates to your job postings.

Make Your Business Welcoming

The reputation of your business is important for attracting a diverse array of job candidates, and making your business welcoming is a great way to do that. Try to have a diverse representation of employees in visible roles, and greet everyone who walks into your office with a smile. If you have a company culture that is open and welcoming, it will be attractive to job seekers from all backgrounds.

Get Outside Takes

As we touched on above, it’s easy for us to become blind to our own biases. For this reason, we recommend seeking input from people who are not part of your usual circles.

This could mean tapping into networks of friends, family, and acquaintances to find people who can provide an outsider’s perspective on your hiring process. You can also try attending events put on by organizations meant to increase acceptance and diversity, which exist in numerous different areas.

For more on how to promote inclusivity in your hiring practices for a contracting business, or to learn about any of our contractor’s license exam services or other programs, speak to the pros at Contractors School today.


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