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Tips for the Final Week of Contractor Exam Studies

If you’re getting close to exam day for any kind of contractor’s license you’re trying to obtain, the final few days of studying may be a bit stressful or nervy. However, with the right basic approach, and confidence in everything you’ve learned to this point, you’ll be in great shape and should have nothing to worry about.

At Contractors School, we’re happy to assist many contractors with all their contractor’s license and continuing education needs, including DOPL contractor license application assistance and much more. What are some simple tips we can offer our clients on how to manage your final week of studies before your exam? Here are several.

Review Your Major Concepts

Just like with any other exam you’ve ever taken in your life, it’s important to review all the major concepts you studied during your prep course. This means going back over your course outlines or modules and making sure you remember all the key points for each section. You may want to make a study guide or flashcards as part of this process to help organize everything in your mind.

Don’t Try to Learn Any New Concepts

In the final week before your exam, you don’t want to be trying to learn any new concepts. The reason for this is that you’re already under enough stress as it is, and adding in new information will only make things worse. Stick with what you already know and focus on reviewing and memorizing key points.

Consider Practice Exams

If applicable in your case, consider taking some practice exams. This can help you get a feel for the types of questions you’ll see on the actual exam and also help build your confidence. There are many different ways to get practice exams, including online quizzes, books, and prep courses.

Get Plenty of Rest

It’s important to get plenty of rest in the final week before your exam. This means going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting up at a reasonable hour. You don’t want to be up all night studying and then trying to function on little sleep come exam day. It’s also important to avoid drinking too much caffeine during this time.

Verify Test Location and Procedures

It’s also important to make sure you know where your test location is and what the procedures are for taking the exam. This includes things like what time you need to be there, what ID you need to bring, whether you can bring in a backpack or purse, etc. You don’t want any surprises on test day, so verify everything in advance.

For more on how to spend your final week of studying ahead of your contractor’s license exam, or to learn more about any of our services to contractors, speak to our team at Contractors School today.


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