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Winter Study Habits for Contractor License Exams

A number of factors may impact study habits for any form of education, and one of these that sometimes isn’t considered enough is that of changing seasons. While a new season certainly won’t outright stop you from studying for your contractor licensure exam, for instance, it may feature some elements that require tweaks or alterations to your study schedule or approach.

At Contractors School, we’re happy to offer several forms of education directly to contractors, including 25- and 30-hour license courses, continuing education and more. What makes the winter period we’re in right now somewhat unique for studying, particularly in the contracting realm, and how can those studying for upcoming exams maintain their study habits despite this? Let’s take a look!

Why Winter Can Alter Study Habits

There are a few reasons why winter in particular can lead to an alteration in study habits. Firstly, the days are shorter. This reduces the amount of available daylight hours for many activities, including studying.

For another, temperatures are usually lower, which means people tend to be less active – and thus have more time for studying. This may sound beneficial, but it can also mean that your overall energy levels might be down slightly from what you’re used to in the warmer seasons.

Finally, the holidays themselves offer both potential distractions as well as much-needed breaks.

Improve Your Lighting

One of the first and simplest steps is to ensure your work or study environment has the right lighting. This may mean adding in a lamp, overhead lights or simply opening up curtains and blinds for more natural light (on days where it’s available).

Maintain Activity Levels and Health

Despite the decreased temperatures, it’s important to still remain as active as you can. Take regular breaks, go for walks or a jog, or find other activities you enjoy that can help keep your energy levels up.

Down related lines, your overall health is important to maintain. Be sure to eat right, get enough sleep and drink plenty of water – all of this can help keep your focus and concentration at their best when studying or taking tests.

Manage Your Time

Be mindful of the available daylight hours during winter, as well as all that comes with the holidays. A good way to do this is by planning ahead and setting up study goals, tasks and milestones. This way you can use your time most efficiently and make the best of any free time that comes along.

These are just a few tips for managing winter studying habits, but they go a long way in helping you stay focused on your studies during this season! For more here, or to learn about any of our contractor license courses or other resources for contractors and their businesses, speak to our staff at Contractors School today.


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